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I cancelled my Hey account. Here's why.

On Basecamp

Updated: 4/30/2021

Last year, I finally made the leap away from Gmail. I snagged, and was so excited to have such a clean, professional email. The interface was very cool, and it really helped me tame my inbox. Unfortunately, all of this nonsense has forced my hand. And on this, the day of Goblinization.

I closed my Hey account today in favor of a ProtonMail account. When they asked why I was leaving I provided the following feedback.

To the customer service rep who will end up fielding this message, I'm sorry. What Basecamp has decided to do is not your fault, and as an employee you're going to bear the brunt of the effects of their terrible decision.

That being said, I don't like the direction DHH and Jason Fried are taking Basecamp. D&I is hugely important to me, both personally and professionally. Their move to ban "politics" from the workplace (i.e. anything that makes them uncomfortable or asks them to change) was dreadful, and the way they doubled down online was cringeworthy. I gave them a few days of leeway, hoping they'd listen to the critiques and have some sort of productive conversation on the matter. I'm now done waiting for them to do the right thing.

It's a shame, as I enjoyed using Hey email quite a bit. It was nice being such an early adopter that I got to use my own (very common) name with no numbers or extra characters! But now, that address is a professional liability. To continue to use it would be a political statement, and one that I don't stand by.

I thought I'd toss it here on this site as a lazy way of making my stance public.