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The best parts were 10/10, but you can't forget to water your boy.

Thoughts on Stray

Updated: 7/25/2022}

I loved being a cat in Stray. The first part of the game — where you run around and meow at your friends — is such a joy. You can tell the studio gets cats in all of the body language and the dedicated meow button. I would play a whole MMO where you just do that all day. You explore the city in a rather aimless way, finding water puddles to lick and paint cans to knock down. Some of those paint cans crash into skylights and open up more places to explore. It's a fantastic time!

Then you find a little robot friend who fits in a little cat backpack and you run around doing what he says for the rest of the game.

Never mind that until now you were just a normal cat doing cat things for no reason that humans could really parse. You now understand what this robot and all the robots around you are saying with an impossible clarity and you run errands for them as the gameplay takes a turn for the Alan Wake.

This game will now rapidly alternate between Alan Wake gameplay and Nier: Automata 4Kids plot for the next 7 hours.

Still, this was a GOTY moment for me.